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Living in Corby

Corby is the northeast town of Northamptonshire, in the U.K. It has been referred to as ”Little Scotland” due to the number of Scottish migrant workers who came to the city back in 1980. 

Corby has grown significantly over the last years and has undergone some significant regeneration. New houses that doubled its population have been developed, academies, shopping centers, town centers, and various sports facilities. 

The opening of the Corby railway station and International Pool in 2009 made the city one of the most sought-after towns in England. Corby was designed as a new city in 1950. 

Most of its current properties were built after that period. The city further developed its industrial influence when the Thatcher family designated Corby as an enterprise zone.

The schools in the city have received significant investment and are really sturdy. St Brendan’s Catholic Primary school and Studfall Junior hold some of the best spots in the city. 

Corby has become one of the most booming towns in Britain and it is nowadays, desirable by homeowners and employers thanks to the city’s property prices, growing population, and developed communities.

Corby is best known for Kirby Hall, that enormous mansion that has become one of England’s largest Classical houses. 

Corby Cube is the perfect proof that the city has turned into a modern and highly-developed area and it was completed back in 2010. 

It is currently a multi-use building, a prized community resource, and a popular tourist attraction. Corby is also, home to the East Carlton Country Park that offers visitors some exciting walks.

Northampton Removals Pro is a family-run company in Corby that provides quick, efficient, and low-cost removals in Corby. 

We pride ourselves in providing every single customer with a reliable and professional service and we have the capacity for urgent packing and delivery in the whole Corby town. 

We get lots of recommendations from former clients and that makes our job all the more pleasant. Knowing that we have successfully delivered our services to past clients is the ultimate goal of the company. 

Being a well-established and highly-recommended removals company in Corby, we offer a variety of packing services, along with some special services for fine art, antiques, and fragile artworks.

Regardless of the nature of your building, we offer complete Corby removals services. Our services include house removals in Corby, office removals in Corby, and all of that with the use of high-quality storage containers.

 We will provide you all the necessary packing equipment and materials, from sofa protectors and mattress covers to specialized packings for delicate items. 

All of our staff are qualified to deliver the best experience from start to finish. We are here to provide you with flexible services and a range of removal options that will satisfy every client’s budget and requirements. 

After all, it is every company’s duty to provide customers with the best results, particularly during the whole removal process that can be really stressful and tiresome for homeowners and employers.