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Living in Wellingborough

Wellingborough is a town and district in Northamptonshire in England. Situated along the River Nene on the east side of Northampton, the city has nowadays, become a highly developed area. 

The early history of this place dates back to the Middle Ages when Wellingborough grew as a powerful market town. After a dreadful fire in 1738, the whole city was rebuilt on its present site. Wellingborough has along with Kettering and Corby become the center of the North Northamptonshire growth area.

Much of the city’s center was redeveloped during the 1970s, and the local economy was initially focused on footwear and engineering. 

However, as part of the Milton Keynes South Midlands study, the city will continue to grow and new facilities will be added to improve the town center and increase opportunities. 

The Tresham College of Further and Higher Education, a popular college in Northamptonshire has its premises in Wellingborough, as well as a campus in Corby and Kettering.

The Castle Theatre opened its gates to the public in 1995, and since then it is being used almost daily by locals thanks to its variety of facilities. Right next to this theatre, there is an independent museum, named ”The Wellingborough Museum” with exhibitions that perfectly depict the past history of the city. 

Despite the town’s increasing growth, the presence of pure nature is apparent in the Irchester Park. Planted in the 1960s, the park is currently the natural habitat for various species of birds and animals.

Removal Company Wellingborough

Northampton Removals Pro is a professional company with years of experience in the field of removals in Wellingborough. We pride ourselves in delivering a variety of services in a professional, reliable, and affordable way. 

Our services include house removals in Wellingborough, office removals in Wellingborough, arranged storage of your belongings, and expert advice. With over 12 years of experience in the business, we have helped hundreds of past clients arrange their new house or office. 

Removing to a new house or office can be really tiresome and frustrating. For this reason, it is vital that you trust the whole process to a professional and experienced company that will ensure that everything goes according to the whole plan.

We have a positive background and lots of reviews from former clients who were satisfied with our services. That makes us all the happier and focused on delivering the best services. 

Being a highly-recommended company means that many of our current clients learned about us from past ones. Regardless of the nature of your place, we offer complete Wellingborough removals. 

We will provide all the necessary packing equipment and materials your belongings are in need of to get packed or stored away with safety. We offer both short-term and long-term storage solutions. 

All of our staff are specifically qualified to provide you with the best services from start to finish. After all, every successful and trustworthy removals company in Wellingborough has the duty to ensure that its clients are fully satisfied.