Moving Office Checklist

Moving office checklist

Whether you have a small scale or a large scale business, moving its office can have a positive effect on the growth of it. For example, it can get you more space to grow; you can re-evaluate the operations of your business, rejuvenate the performance of your business and keep control over your environment as well. Also, moving your office can be an exciting task. Once you get past the hurdles of moving the office, you can focus on expanding the business in different ways.

Advantages Of Relocating The Office:

Below are some ways in which moving your office can be beneficial for your business.

Operating Cost Is Reduced:

Relocating your office is the best time to assess the cost of operations of your business. You can carry a full review about the suppliers and get quotations from other suppliers which may help your business to save a lot of money.

Chance To Transfer To Improved Technology:

Many businesses take the opportunity of moving to switch their office to the latest technologies. It would help them to work more productively in their new office.

Brand Image Is Improved:

Location of the office plays a great role in showcasing the brand image of the business. By relocating, you can design your office in a way which would give a positive message about your brand.

Hurdles Faced In Moving The Office:

Relocating the office might seem like an unnerving experience especially when you’re doing it for the first time. The process is just as tedious as moving to a new house or maybe even more daunting because relocating the whole team of workers, electronics, machinery and equipment is certainly not an easy task! Everything needs to be managed quickly and smoothly so that the moving period can be kept as short as possible and business can be resumed just within a few days of moving.

Checklist For Relocating The Office:

As moving an office is an important project, it needs careful planning as well. Thus, organizing and planning are the keys to relocating the office without going through much trouble. All you need to do is make a checklist for relocating so that you can go through it at different stages and make sure that everything is going according to the plan.

We have discussed below everything which you need to consider while moving your office to help the transition a smooth one.

Prior To The Big Move:

Ahead of the big move, you should do the following things which would help you after you have finally moved to the new office.

  • Find A New Premise For Your Office:

The first step is to find out the new location where you want to relocate your office. Select the area and building which would be most suitable for your office operations and business needs and the square footage that you want for your office.

  • Allocate A Budget To The Plan:

If you set up a budget in the early days of planning, it would help you from overspending in the areas where you can easily save a lot of money.

  • Appoint An Office Removal Expert:

You need to find out which removal company falls in to your budget and can facilitate services in your area. You can appoint an office removal company such as Northampton Removals Pro if your budget allows. It is a leading office and house removal company based in Northampton. Whether the move consists of 50 or 500 staff members, they can cover the move both professionally and securely. They guarantee to complete the job as fast as possible so that you can start your business right after relocating.

  • Assign Tasks To Your Workers:

After discussing the upcoming moving of the office with your employees, you can assign tasks and responsibilities to each of them. You need to clearly communicate with them about their duties and how to perform them efficiently. You can also assign coordinators for the big move in each department and hold meetings to keep track.

  • Form A Detailed Inventory List:

Make a list of your inventory in your office and decide on which items to shift to your new office and which items to dispose. If any item needs special treatment during the move, you can also get professional help to relocate these items. Also, if you want some new furniture or equipment, you can also order them early so that they arrive on time.

  • Design A Scale Drawing:

Compare both of your new and old office space to decide on where to place furniture and equipment in your new office. You also need to decide on the number of power sockets and where the Ethernet connections will be located. In this way, you will not have to worry about how to organize things later.

  • Phone And Internet Installation:

You need to find a company who will provide installation of internet and phone service in your new office. If you are working with an office removal company such as Northampton Removals Pro, they can arrange for this installation themselves.

  • Establish A Plan To Install IT Equipment:

Your IT staff can easily do this task on their own but if not, then you need to hire some other specialists for this service. You need to know beforehand whether you will need to hire someone else or not.

  • Create A List Of Passes And Keys:

A master list of your current employees’ keys and passes need to be made so that you can verify from it at the time of collecting these cards from your workers on the day of your relocation.

  • Discontinue All The Utility Services:

The utilities and services in your old office need to be discontinued. So you need to notify the service providers about it. You can hire the same service providers for your new office and have them turned on these services on the day of your move.

  • Identify The People To Be Informed About The New Location:

A list needs to be made of people, businesses associates and stake holders who should be notified about the change of address. You can inform them about this change of address by sending them emails.

  • Update Your New Office Address Everywhere:

Your old address of office will have to be changed to your new office everywhere such as on banks, receivables and payable.

  • Back Up Any Important Office Data:

Backing up your office files and documents is very important in case anything gets lost or damaged during the tedious process of relocation.

After You Have Moved In:

Once you have finally moved in, you need to check on the following things.

  • Test Everything:

Test everything in your new office such as phones, computers, IT systems and cable connections so that any problem can be fixed immediately.

  • The Task Of Unpacking:

If you have not hired any professional moving company, then you should assign the task of unpacking to your employees. The more employees you have for unpacking, quicker the task will be achieved.

  • Confirm That Everyone Is Notified About The Change Of Address:

You need to make sure that every business partner and stake holder has been notified about your new office address and it has been updated everywhere.

Final Verdict

Moving your office is surely a challenge which is why you need to have a check list with you so that you can keep checking it all the time to make sure everything is going accordingly. This will ensure a smooth relocation process.

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