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Moving House?

We provide house relocation service in Northampton and surrounding areas

House Removals Northampton

Leading house moving service in Northampton

Families and individuals living in Northampton, UK and surrounding areas often have to relocate due to personal or professional reasons. 

In some cases the person is moving for a better job or business opportunities, in other cases, to take care of a family member or be closer to relatives and friends. 

Research shows that relocating is a very stressful experience for most people, since items may get damaged or lost in transit. Hence people are interested in hiring the services of a professional and reliable company. 

We make house removals Northampton a stress free experience for the family with our comprehensive services and experienced staff.


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House removals Northampton

Individuals and families who are interested in using our house removal service can contact us for free assistance in moving their items to a new house. Several factors have to be considered while moving a house:

The location of the old house from which items have to be moved, and the new address to which all these items are shifted should be considered. The time taken for relocating will depend to some extent on the distance between the two addresses. 

If both the locations are in Northampton itself, usually relocation can be completed in the same day. However, if the new home is in a different city or town, relocation will take longer.

Another factor which affects both the cost and time taken to relocate is the size of the home, and the items in the home. In case of a small home, like a studio apartment, there will be less furniture, appliances and other items which have to be shifted. 

So if both the homes are in Northampton itself, moving a small home can be completed in a day. However, in case of large apartments or single-family homes, with many appliances, furniture and other items, the time taken for relocating will be more.

Our staff works closely with families to ensure that the house removals takes less time and there is no loss or damage to the household goods. We will first inspect the home, to determine the time taken to pack these items and size of the truck or van which will be required for removal of items. 

For larger homes, the removal truck will usually have to make multiple trips. Then based on the convenience of our client, we will finalize the schedule for packing the items in the house, transporting the items to the new destination, and unpacking the items in the new house.

On scheduled day for house removal, our staff will carefully pack all the items in the house. Fragile items like painting, glassware and crockery will be carefully packed, so that they are not damaged in transit. A list of all the items which are packed will be provided to the client. We have experience in household removals from single-family homes and multi-storey apartment complexes. 

Our trucks will transport the household items to the destination and our staff will deliver all items at the specified address. The client can verify the items delivered with the list provided while packing.

If you are looking for a leading house removals company in Northampton, call 01604-263-353 to discuss your project.