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Packing is one of the most important things you need to consider when moving as it can determine the safety of your possessions. Every item that is small enough should be placed in a box, which means that the size of your house and the properties you have will determine the number of packing boxes you use. This is why our company strives to provide the best removals packing Northampton services you can find. We have a variety of packing services which are ideal for those who only need the materials but want to pack on their own also those who want us to pack for them.

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Packing services


Although your packing is time-consuming and tiring, it allows you to save some money and get things stored in a way that fits your style. Our removals packing Northampton services include this category which allows you to pack all your stuff before we relocate them. We can provide you with boxes for small, lightweight items and transit blankets for larger items like furniture. We also allow packed clothes in wardrobes for short distance relocation, but if it’s an international move, you will have to pack your clothes into boxes. Our attentive team will also ensure that your fragile items are given the additional protection they deserve by giving tips on how you can wrap them as well as wrapping materials for them.

Even though we have quality packing cartons for our clients, you can still use your own if you have them. However, it would help if you packed in advance before we come to transport you.

Full packing service

Full removals packing Northampton services are the most convenient and safe. This option is great for those who want to move urgently or those who have time constraints. Our expert team is capable of packing everything you own into boxes, and we only use quality cartons, tapes and wrapping papers that allow us to guarantee the safety of those items. With the experience that our team has, you can be sure that your items will be professionally packed. We provide cartons for hanging clothes to prevent creasing, wrapping for furniture and other bigger items, extra wrapping for delicate materials and poly bags for protection of soft-furnished items.

Fragile items only

Packing fragile items is the most time-consuming part of the whole process and should be handled by a professional. This process requires suitable materials that provide the extra cover necessary for the protection of such items. You can still choose to pack your fragile items, but we recommend that you let our experts handle the job as it gives you the reassurance that you need. You can also count on us when it comes to proper placement of the items during transportation. We transport the delicate items together with other items, but we still make sure they arrive at your destination safely.

Non-fragile items only

Non-fragile items are easy to pack, but large ones can be difficult to handle. We are here to offer help whenever you need us to, whether it is in the form of providing packing materials or helping you pack some of your non-fragile possessions. Our partial packing services cost less than full packing-which is a great option if you need professional services, but you have a tight budget.


  • Packing is an extensive process that you should start early.
  • Use small boxes for your small but heavy items like canned food and larger boxes for your large items like beddings or lamps. Medium boxes are ideal for lightweight items like toys and clothes.
  • Always use professional moving boxes because they are structured differently than cartons used in supermarkets and stores. It’s advisable to put heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter delicate items on top.
  • Place plates in an upright position or on their sides on top of bubble wrap paper or tissue to shield them.
  • Avoid overpacking the boxes as that will make them harder to lift and remember to fill any empty spaces between the items with paper to prevent a collision that could lead to damage.
  • Seal the boxes properly with quality tape and label them correctly. With this, your movers will identify the rooms each box belongs.

For the best removals packing Northampton experience, you need professional packing cartons that have reinforced walls and can withstand the pressure of moving. If you don’t think you can handle packing on your own, then get our services. Contact us today for a quote in any service category.

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