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Having enough storage is crucial whether you’re moving or not. With enough storage, you can keep your home or office neat, and you’ll be able to remember where everything is kept with ease. If you’re moving, then enough storage will contribute to keeping your items safe, thereby guaranteeing safe delivery. Different types of storage also allow you to explore the ideal option for your situation. For instance, if you’re moving but you want to keep some of your items away you can use a temporary storage space for that. Whatever your storage needs, our company is here to ensure you get it. We strive to provide multiple options for all our clients regardless of whether you need removal or storage services.

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Storage Options

Temporary storage

Also known as short-term storage, this option is ideal if you want to start a renovation project and you need a place to keep your items. This storage option you can also have a safe and secure place to keep your items when you want to take some time off and travel for a month or two. It’s important to remember that just because you’re keeping your goods away for a short time doesn’t mean you should compromise on packing. You still need the best packing solutions because how you package your items will determine the condition of those items when you need them. We can get you sealed packaging as well as safe transportation to the storage area. Even if you need us to bring the items back to your place, we will do so.

Business storage

Business needs are always different from residential need, including in terms of storage. You need a storage Northampton service provider who will understand those needs and provide solutions that suit your business model and size. We have the perfect storage choices to give you value and ensure your property maintains their perfect working conditions. We can keep your archive records and furniture regardless of the size of your company.

Long-term storage

This is a great option if you have limited space in your home or if you want to downsize. Most people relocating to a different place in short notice tend to leave some items behind and will want to leave non-essential items behind until they settle down. If you are in such a situation or any other that results in the need for long-term storage solutions, then you can rely on our long-term storage services. One of the most important factors to consider with such a storage option is packing. You need to keep your items properly to ensure they are not damaged in any way. Other than making sure our storage Northampton space is properly ventilated and protected, we can also help you with packing.

Factors to consider

Always ensure the storage Northampton companies you hire guarantee safety and security of the storage options. We don’t just keep your items safe from theft. We also keep them safe from detrimental weather elements like excess moisture or direct sunlight.

Flexibility is another important factor you sold consider as it allows you to get personalized storage solutions. With our flexible options, we ensure that every person, whether you want to keep furniture or furnished items like mattresses. Our container choices range from wooden ones to steel ones, and that also ensures that both business and residential storage needs are met satisfactorily.

Record keeping is another important element because it shows you the specific items in storage and their quantities. We strive to give all our clients records of all items pout in storage when picking the items up and when returning them. Our inventories are matched with the marked boxes for easier use. You can locate the specific box you want and get whatever you need easily.

Why choose us

We prioritize professionalism more than anything else, which means that you can rely on our quality services.

  • We keep inventory which allows you to track your stored items
  • Other than enhanced security, we also have insurance for further protection.
  • We can help you pack the items, collect them from your location to the storage, and bring them back to you when you need them.
  • We provide comprehensive quotes for all storage options. You can get one through our website.

If you need the best storage Northampton service provider, then call us. Whatever storage space you need, we will make sure you get it. When you need your items, you can also contact us, and we will help you get them.

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